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Apple Inc. (AAPL)

The Us Has 'Locked The Door' On Us, Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Says (Cnbc)
No Summary Available. (2018-04-19 05:14:00)
Dividend Challengers (And Near-Challengers): 53 Increases By June 30 (Seekingalpha)
In Compiling The Dividend Champions List, I Get To See Which Companies Are Nearing The Anniversaries Of Their Previous Dividend Increases. Since Most Of These Firms Raise Their Payout About The Same Time Every Year, I Can Say With Some Confidence That They Are Likely To Do So Again. I Have Sep… (2018-04-19 03:35:07)
Spotify: Streaming Discount (Seekingalpha)
Oddly, Spotify ( Spot ) Trades Near The Post Direct Listing Lows While Netflix ( Nflx ) Surges On A Bullish Earnings Report. The Streaming Services For Music And Video Aren'T Exactly The Same, But The Opportunity Is Similar; Making The Case For Owning The Laggard Of The Group. Source: S… (2018-04-18 09:07:12)
15 Ways To Play The Growing Multi-Billion Artificial Intelligence Market (Seekingalpha)
To Set The Expectations Right, This Article Is Intended For You To Build A Watchlist. I Strongly Believe Having A Good Watchlist Is As Important As Correctly Valuing A Company. Let'S Say You'Re Great At Valuing Companies And Often You Are Able To Initiate Positions At Exactly The Right Moment…. (2018-04-18 09:03:48)
Is Apple Due For Another Product-Led Correction? (Seekingalpha)
Aapl Goes Through Corrections, And They Can Be Painful Since 2010, Apple ( Aapl ) Has Gone Through Two Major Corrections. The First Time Was During 2012-2013, When It Fell 45% From $100 To $55 Over Nine Months. The Second Was During 2016-2017, When It Dropped 30% From $132 To $92 Over A Peri… (2018-04-18 08:32:59)
Your First Trade For Wednesday, April 18 (Cnbc)
No Summary Available. (2018-04-18 08:31:00)
From The Front Lines Of The Trade War (Seekingalpha)
If You Poke Your Hand Into A Hornets Nest, You Can Count On An Extreme Reaction, A Quite Painful One. As California Is The Growth Engine For The Entire Us Economy, Accounting For 20% Of Us Gdp, It Is No Surprise That It Has Become The Primary Target Of Chinese Retaliation In The New T… (2018-04-18 01:17:21)
Does Homepod Reveal A Problem At Apple? (Seekingalpha)
Overview In Its Typical Fashion, Apple (Aapl) Did What It Does Best With Homepod. It Took Amazons (Amzn) And Googles (Goog) Exciting In-Home Personal Assistants, Went To The Drawing Board, And Cooked Up Its Own Version. Jobs Always Referenced Picasso: Good A… (2018-04-17 16:24:38)
3 Top Dividend Growth Stocks In Tech (Seekingalpha)
By The Valuentum Team Dividend Growth Investors Tend To Prefer Companies With Steady Operations And Significant Competitive Advantages That Help To Generate Substantial Free Cash Flow To Help Sustainably Cover The Dividend Payment. Cyclical Companies Such As Those In The Metals Or Mining S… (2018-04-17 15:11:10)
Meet The Electric/Autonomous Vehicle Etf (Seekingalpha)
Do You Want To Bet On Electric And Autonomous Vehicles? Or Maybe Just Bet On Too Many People Betting On Electric Vehicles? Either Way, A New Etf Could Be Of Interest. More News On: Global X Autonomous &Amp; Electric Vehicles Etf, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Consumer Stocks Ne… (2018-04-17 14:12:15)

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