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How it works

How it works
Our robust and proprietary investigative tools make your life easy.

Access is simple, intuitive, and puts the critical knowledge at your fingertips.

How it works
Simply Idea - Excellent Execution

No matter what your binary options experience, our information will give you an advantage. We help you know your odds and how they are currently changing for or against your position.

How it works
Trust the Math.

Our tools are based on statistics and probablities. We assume no divine insights into the market, but use Math to tilt the odds in your favor while managing risk exposure.

Why Us?

We focus on tracking and constantly monitoring one and only one instrument (S&P 500) used in Binary options and spread options. Our focus and experience with allow you to see through the eyes of investing professionals without the stress of sorting through mountains of information.

This is your competitive advantage.

Professional Expertise

In the fast-moving market. Quickly see where the price and volume velocity changes before anyone else.

Let's Talk Objectives

Every investor's goal is to come out ahead. The more knowledgable and systematic your process, the more likely your chances of succeeding.

You Have Control

While we provide you the information, you have complete control to decide how valuable the information is to you.

Ready For The Winner’s Circle?

Being a professional investor requires years of experience and thousands of hours studying investment strategy. It would seem like individual investors like yourself don' stand a chance. When investing isn't your full-time job, you have two options:

  • Try to figure out the markets yourself and risk wasting precious resources
  • Or utilize our intuitive tools that help you make powerful informed investment decisions with just a few clicks

We want to put you in the Winner's Circle. With our proprietary algorithms, you'll have unique insight into the blueprint that is driving the market.

Since you no longer need to have years of professional investing experience, formal education, or a dynamic network of investors in your phone book, you can focus on enjoying your life.

Let us do the work while you benefit.

Cutting Edge Advantages

Expert Recommendations

Get crystal clear, expert recommendations on:

  • velocity changes in price
  • Velocity changes in volume
  • Previous succesful gap closure
  • Statistical probabilities of reaching the price at that time
  • And more - just take a look for yourself!

Intuitive Tools

Deploy our intuitive tools and reveal expert insights

Take Control

Take control and systematically evaluate and act to avoid wasting time or making a risky investing mistake

Spy On the Market

Watch the market sentiment shift in realtime and calculate the impact of that shift.

Lift the Investment Fog

Lift the investment fog and review hyper-focused information curated around your Investing Strategy of successfully trading the S&P 500 binary options

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